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We @ Hubbler are delighted to see you here & we hope you are as excited as we are to see the positive business impact that Hubbler Applications bring.

For every queries you might have, please take a look at the how-tos & common issues (We call it configuration mis-steps).


How to Start Attendance?

In your Home screen, click the Attendance App; Wait for the location to point at your current location; You can Swipe Left to start the timer.

What do we mean by Check-in feature in Attendance App?

Check-in feature allows you to mark your activities, as you move around places through the day.

How to Stop Attendance?

In your Home screen, click the Attendance App; Wait for the location to point at your current location; You can Swipe Right to stop the timer.

How to Check Team Members Attendance (Manager view)

In your Home screen, click the Attendance App & click on the Team view icon (Top right); Now, click each user to view date-wise specific details.

How to create a group?

Go to hamburger menu in your app > Click on Groups > Click on + button to create a new channel

How to check your recent logins?

In your Home Screen, click the Attendance App & click on recent icon (Top right) for a date-wise view. You can further click on a particular date to view the location along with timing details.

How to track users?

Go to Hamburger menu & click on Tracking option & click on a user for trip details

Why am I not able to mark my attendance?

There could be multiple reasons, for you not being able to mark your attendance. Some of them could be:

  1. Location Services: You could have either disabled your location services or not enabled your location tracking in high accuracy mode. Click on Android or iOS to know the exact setting for your device.
  2. Sometimes marking attendance from indoors / basement makes it difficult to catch the GPS signal to fetch your current location; In this situation, walk outdoor to retry & it should work; If still, it does not work, please take a look at more detailed options.
Location shown on the map is incorrect. What do I do?

Hubbler uses your phone’s GPS to get your correct location. Sometimes location pointer wanders when tried from indoors as location fetch becomes difficult due to poor signal strength. Please walk outdoors to solve this problem. If it is still not solving the problem, please follow this link to get a step by step solution.

I have marked my attendance but my manager is saying “I am not at work”. Did I do something wrong?
  1. This happens when we forget to Stop our attendance the previous day & so the timer keeps on ticking even when the new day begins. We go to work & continue with our tasks & yet there is a call from your Manager asking, if you are at work? Puzzling isn’t it? When we forget to stop yesterday’s attendance, it will show as ‘Not at Work’ for today. So, please remember to Stop attendance at end of day; Yup! You can set daily Start & Stop reminder from the Hubbler App too.
  2. However, if you did Start your attendance today but haven’t connected your phone to the Internet then the data sync would be pending. Try again, after connecting your phone either to WiFi or mobile data.
I do not have internet connectivity. Can I mark my attendance?

Yes, Hubbler understands that you currently do not have data connectivity & allows you to mark your attendance. It will automatically update your data when your phone gets connected to Internet.

What if I forget to mark my attendance?

We won’t let you!! Hubbler is configured to send you a reminder on your phone to remind you to log in and log out from your work. It will be nice if you don’t switch off this feature.

Leave Management

How to apply for a leave?

In your My Day screen, click on the Leave App & click on + icon for applying leave

How to check your leave balance?

In the Leave app, click on my balance icon (bottom menu) for the details

How to approve leaves (Manager view)

Go to approvals button & you will get a view of pending requests waiting for approval & you can approve or reject (With a note)

How to apply for a compensatory leave?

Click on the + button, select compensatory as the leave type; Now you will have to select the date you want leave compensation for & submit for approval. Once approved, you can consume it.


How to apply for reimbursements?

Click on Claims app within your My Day & click on + button. Select New Card & you will get a view of your previously recorded trips, select one or multiple trips to send for approval

How to approve reimbursements?

Go to Claims app & click on Approvals (Bottom) & click on each request for details

Trip Meter

How to check your trips for the day?

Go to trip meter app & you will have the trips overview & for detailed view, click on Trips (Bottom) for a detailed view

Why your trips are not getting recorded or visible in your app?

  1. Before speculating further, try the Page Refresh option; Wherein you drag the screen down & the page refreshes
  2. Go to hamburger menu, click on Apps & drag the screen down for a refresh, you will get a confirmation message on top.

Know the best practices for precise trip recording?

  1. See how to Disable battery optimisation; Upon not using the app for sometime, the app gets automatically killed & all recordings stop
  2. Enable Location Services as ‘High Accuracy’
  3. For iOS – Enable Location Services for Hubbler app & set it to ‘Always’

I Still have questions?

You can easily contact Hubbler
Post your query in the Hubbler Support page & an Hubbler executive would get back to you asap.